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Congratulations to team UCLA | Motive Lending March Madness 2015 Champion!
March 2015 Month End Wrap Up | 574  
units for $165.2Million

Another company record in the bag! 165 Million  
funded!!! March yielded one of the longest months  
of 2015 and we took full advantage. Good news is,  
April is just as long. Let’s talk numbers. Entering  
into April we have a $365 million total approved  
pipeline which is an increase of 15% over the last 30  
days. We submitted over 1,000 loans for the first  
time in company history, and we are on track to  
exceed our estimated funding’s of 1.5 billion for  
2015. We all know funding $165 million did not  
come easily or without a fight. Every employee  
pulled together as a team and delivered.
March Highlights:
Motive adds 18 new jobs in March. Where will you  
be when we have 250+ employees?
New states! Motive is now licensed in Connecticut.
Sales/Ops Contest: We are officially half way  
through the contest. Who is coming?
We officially pass the $1 Billion mark in total  
funding’s | 1,161,384,069 Total fundings since  
inception! Roughly 3700 total loans funded. Over  
1000 loan submissions in March and a 15% increase  
in total pipeline.
Issue 04 | 07 | 2015

Quite simply, what sets you apart from the competition is your ability to connect with people.  In our role as an in
house AE, you must “create a persona over the phone.”  Obviously don’t be monotone, but be friendly and fun to
talk to, add value, and develop a relationship.
Relationships are the real secret to success.  If you can build strong relationships and connect with your
customers and colleagues, you will get your piece of the proverbial pie.  If you can’t, you’ll be scrambling for
crumbs.  Know your trade.  Spend time reading about the market, reading about products or mortgage related
news.  Spend time looking at guidelines or perhaps taking a peek at a matrix you’ve not looked at in a while.
Here are the eight secrets used by the world’s most successful people.

Connecting takes time.  It takes effort, and it means putting others before yourself.  But it’s worth every second
of time and every ounce of energy.  Your relationships will be more prolific and rewarding, and you will be more
successful.  Take notes on each relationship and know something personal or offer to share something personal
on every other call with that key contact.  Digging deep, helping connect to help LO’s and Broker’s actually stay in
business, create a marketing plan, adding value, and helping on loans when needed.  The responsiveness is key. 
Respond with the “ante to play”. 
Happy Planting seeds today AE’s!
Shawn Devlin - National AE Motive Lending
Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that reads, “Make me feel important.”  This was the philosophy of Mary Kay Ash, the well-known actress/cosmetics mogul.
Seek out a common interest. People want to talk about stuff they are passionate about.  Find a common ground with someone and it can help you connect.  On every key contact (Realtor, Broker, Owner, Processor) make a list of common things you have and take notes on each call.
Don’t work from a script.  Have bullet points or a topic to talk about.  Remember facts tell and stories sell.  Sell what others are doing to see success and gain more loans from helping brokers grow their business.  Eddie Murphy is a known actor that is very good at this. 
Remember the remarkable.  Take notes on how long it takes to get a loan done.  Then go after the processors, brokers that work the system and know lending.  Take note on same day underwrites or weekend underwrites (email a thank you brag note to every underwriter you had a weekend underwrite for you) Thank someone for a great job today. 
Cultivate curiosity.  Make the other person want to hear what you have to say.  Adding value is crucial to creating a long lasting relationship with accounts. Lee Iacocca, “a Leader has to show curiosity.  Do this by listening at least as much as you talk.  Ask questions that express in interest to learn what they know, and to have them want to know what you know. 
Act like a good listener.  Don’t let your body language tell others that you’re not.  We’re constantly bombarded with information, so it almost instinctive to tune out things around you.  When you’re interacting with someone, you need to consciously change your body language to reflect that you want to receive information from them.  Over the phone I’ve been guilty of doing this too, while listening to someone and replying to an email.  Resist the urge to answer emails when on the phone.
Resist the urge to be a one-upper.  This is the relationship killer.  Remember to get that person to talk to you.  Instead of upping their experience, make theirs shine and get them to tell you some additional detail on something they said.  Then add value or cultivate curiosity with enthusiasm.  “Enthusiasm is the key to persuasion with-out pressure.” - Shawn Devlin.   The art of pivoting off one subject to another can help cultivate curiosity. 
Ask effective questions.  When you’re communicating remember garbage in garbage out.  Same with DU.  So ask effective questions to spur interest, seek common ground, and do business.  Don’t spend more than 20% of a conversation on something non business related.  Know your customer too, especially if they want to be approached with all business from you.  
8 Secrets to success of the worlds most recognized sales people
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On the brink of a 160mm month, we still manage to have fun!
Our funding department was first to grab lunch so they could get back to doing
what they do best - Funding loans!!!.
Shannon B, winner of the March Employee of the Month.
Scott W, who has already surpassed 36 submissions in his first month.
Ryan G, on earning his DE Underwriter (CHUMS).